Why RTO Consultancy?


We teach you what we know so you can learn from our challenges and successes.


We help build your systems to allow your business to scale.


We don't just focus on compliance. We help grow your business.


We make sure you are happy with the outcome.

23Years Experience
235RTO Initial Registrations
445Clients and growing

Our Experiences

With over 17 years experience in the VET Sector, RTO Consultancy’s Director, Maciek Fibrich, has helped establish over 220 RTO’s and supported over 300 RTO’s, providing them with a range of services.  Whilst RTO Consultancy continues to assist training organisation with their compliance, the focus has shifted away from straight compliance, and moved towards ensuring that RTO operates in a profitable manner, with solid systems in place to allow for scalability and processes in place to maintain sustainability.

As an ethical consulting provider, we:

  • Refuse to sell you what you don’t need.
  • Do not create dependencies – we empower you and your staff to function independently, with support where necessary,
  • Do not charge you by the minute, or charge you for phone calls, emails etc,
  • Do not utilise fear in the delivery of our services, or utilise it as part of our sales process.

We are here to empower you and your staff with quality information, support, flexibility and expertise to create a successful business in the VET Sector. In partnering with RTO Consultancy, you are investing in your future, and in the delivery of an RTO that will achieve your desired outcomes. It is about creating a foundation that can support your future growth and endeavours.


We love helping RTO's and their staff achieve their full potential!

If you want to discuss starting an RTO, need help managing processes or are looking at exiting, contact us and we can help.