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Registering as an RTO

ASQA will generally finalise applications for initial registration within six months of accepting a properly completed and fully compliant application. ‘Finalise’ means that ASQA has made a decision and advised the applicant (not that any review process has been completed).
ASQA does not accept payment in instalments. You are required to pay any annual registration charges or any other charges in full by the date specified in the payment terms.
Yes, ASQA allow consultants to participate in audits. RTO Consultancy consultants alway sit in ASQA audits.

Registering for CRICOS

Whilst there is nowhere to upload the evidence of the National Police Check, our experience shows that most ASQA ​​Assessment Officer's from the Initial Assessment & Referral Team do ask for the evidence when reviewing the application. We have previously used National Crime Check Pty Ltd and they have delivered quick and cost effective results.

Compliance Questions

No. There is no need to engage a consultant when setting up or running an RTO, however, engaging a good consultant will allow you to focus on running your RTO, and just like a good Accountant or Lawyer are always on hand to help, so should a good RTO Consultant. Talk to us about how we can help you and your RTO to grow to become a successful and sustainable business.

You may also want to check out the FAQs section on the ASQA Website.

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